Warm congratulations to the new three board listed miuton co

On October 21, 2015, the hall on the first floor of Beijing National Small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system, accompanied by opening the treasure bell sounded, China Association of pharmaceutical materials, vice president of units -- Qingdao Ming medicine Tang Medical Co., Ltd. in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system (commonly known as "the new Sanban") officially listed, after the listing of securities referred to: Ming medicine hall, stock code: 833086.

The former State Food and drug administration deputy director Ren Dequan, former State Food and drug administration deputy director Zhang Wenzhou, the Ministry of commerce market order of our former inspector Wen Zaixing, the former Ministry of health directly under the authority of the party Deputy Secretary of the discipline committee, National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Dou Xizhao, Qingdao Red Island Economic Zone Management Committee, deputy director of Qingdao Export Processing Zone Management Committee Director Zhang Weiping, Chinese SFDA Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute deputy director, medicine economic news editor Tao Jianhong and other state ministries, local government leaders, representatives of industry associations, brokerage and investment institutions, representatives of employees on behalf of hundreds of people witnessed this moment.
The Chinese medicine materials Association executive president and Secretary General of the long Mudie MH, executive vice president Liu Yashu, vice president Ma Xinying, Xu Yu Ping, Liu Zhaohua, Longyan, Lan Zengjin, Zhigang, Zhouli, Yang Lianliang, Guo Shengrong, Xinbo Wang, Yang Yifeng, Chen Guoliang, Du Yuxiang, Shelley, Liu Lei, Wang Haiping, Wang Lei, Ma Shoujun and provincial pharmacy alliance, chairman and secretary general, association member companies attended congratulations, to share the joy.

Vice president of China Association of pharmaceutical supplies, Qingdao Ming medicine Tang Medical Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yuqiang in the listing ceremony speech, special thanks to the trust and support of the leaders at all levels, new and old customers, friends and employees over the years, heartfelt thanks to everyone's pay and dedication. And in this exciting moment, looking ahead to the future of enterprises.

Dequan Ren

Zhongliang Liu

Weiping Zhang

Ren Dequan, Liuzhong Liang, Zhang Weiping has delivered a speech, congratulated the Qingdao bright medicine hall opening doors, and wishing all the best medicine hall taking the opportunity of the new starting point, in the more powerful capital market, more high-quality products and services to return society, with more excellent operating performance at the return to shareholders, tree stand excellent image of the capital market, grow strong!

Medicine science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Qingdao Ming medicine was founded in 2004, the registered capital of 22 million 600 thousand yuan, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises. Companies to converge on the many doctor, master and other senior professionals, in screening project, research development, industrialization production has accumulated rich experience in medical apparatus and instruments, and the long-term extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
As of December 31, 2014, Qingdao Ming medicine Hall Medical Limited by Share Ltd operating income of 1193.493139 yuan, net profit of 66.829721 yuan, the company's total assets of 3465.588891 yuan, net assets of 2385.494971 yuan.

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