Qingdao: to strengthen food production and strict procedures

A few days ago, Qingdao City, Shandong province food and Drug Administration on further strict procedures to strengthen food production and regulatory requirements.

Warm congratulations to the new three board listed miuton co

On October 21, 2015, the hall on the first floor of Beijing National Small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system, accompanied by opening the treasure bell sounded, China Association of pharmaceutical materials, vice president of units -- Qingdao Ming medicine Tang Medical Co., Ltd. in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system (commonly known as "the new Sanban") officially listed, after the listing of securities referred to: Ming medicine hall, stock code: 833086.

Ji'nan: take measures to pay close attention to the work of

Since 2015, Shandong Province Jinan City adverse drug reactions and medical device adverse event monitoring center to take three measures to grasp the Yaoxie safety monitoring work, steadily enhance the quantity and quality of the report and to ensure the safety of the use of consumer pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics.

Shandong Province: to complete a one-time use of sterile med

In accordance with the requirements of the State Food and drug administration, according to provincial medical equipment special rectification 2015 action plan, Shandong Province food and Drug Administration in August 2015 concentrated carried out one-time use of sterile medical devices rectification. As of August 31, the province inspected production enterprises 91, 2647 enterprises, the use of units 9538, filing 208 cases, closed 192, warning, and ordered rectification 1602 home, ordered to suspend business for 1.

Shandong medical equipment special rectification 2015 action

In April 16, 2015, Shandong province held a medical conference issued "special rectification work, the province's medical equipment special rectification of the 2015 action plan", the arrangements for the deployment of remediation tasks and key.

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