Qingdao: to strengthen food production and strict procedures
A few days ago, Qingdao City, Shandong province food and Drug Administration on further strict procedures to strengthen food production and regulatory requirements.
First, strengthen organizational leadership. Attaches great importance to food production and supervision of the work of information communication and submitted to the work, the formation of the interactive pattern of the upper and lower linkage, smooth channels of supervision. Standardize work process, detailed quantification of the indicators, the responsibility to implement the decomposition.
Two, the implementation of standardized supervision. Adhere to the thinking and the rule of law, perform their duties responsibly, improve the on-site inspection work for. One is in accordance with the regulations, strict on-site supervision and inspection procedures and records, according to standard and the licence conditions of food enterprise production environment, management system and production process control are examined. Two is to adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the work of flight inspection efforts to develop targeted measures to focus on remediation. Responsible for the legal representative of the enterprise and the quality of people timely interviews, implement the responsibility. Three is to intensify law enforcement, the legal and regulatory issues and hidden dangers, to take strong measures to investigate and deal with the law. Four is to strengthen the supervision and inspection files and credit file management, improve the regulatory file. Five is to improve the working mechanism, strict working procedures and requirements, to ensure that after the treatment of aging. Six is to implement the food recall system, do a good job of harmless treatment and destruction.
Three, do a good job of information submitted to the work. Constantly enhance the timeliness of the information submitted, targeted, quality and quantity of information submitted to the work. At the same time, constantly improve the ability to respond to the media, to strengthen the ability to guide public opinion.
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