Shandong medical equipment special rectification 2015 action
In April 16, 2015, Shandong province held a medical conference issued "special rectification work, the province's medical equipment special rectification of the 2015 action plan", the arrangements for the deployment of remediation tasks and key.
Plan of action identified six key remediation tasks: decorative color Matt invisible glasses (US pupil) special rectification, rectification of condoms, experience business conduct special rectification, in vitro diagnostic reagents and special rectification, custom denture special rectification and disposable sterile medical device mechanical rectification. At the same time, the special action on the "five rectification of medical equipment back see were clear: risks of the rectification, the implementation of unqualified products and related businesses rectification complaints, the report of the verification conditions, to deal with illegal acts and establish a sound institutional mechanism.
The meeting stressed that by regulation for a class of products, a kind of behavior norms, the establishment of a system, improve regulatory measures, standardize the market order, strengthen the medical equipment production and operation of enterprises the main responsibility for, enhance the quality and safety of the province's medical device products level.
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